Product Introduction:

eWheelchair is the application in the eMobileCare suite that is designed for the department taking care of the wheelchairs.

It is a web-based system that is used as a communication tool between the loaner and borrower. With the ability to track the location and user of the wheelchair, the loaners will have a much easier time in handling such bulky mobile objects. Also, it encourages the borrowers to be responsible when using the wheelchair.

eWheelchair system can function in two ways:

1. Patients/ Visitors (borrowers) register to borrow wheelchairs. SMS will be sent to the borrowers as a reminder for the borrowers to return their wheelchair promptly. Staffs can log into the system to monitor the status of the wheelchair.

2. Staffs such as porters who are constantly on the go will update the number of wheelchairs available when they pass by the wheelchair bays.



  • Hospital will be able to collect the borrowed wheelchair promptly.
  • Hospital will be able to trace the list of borrowers with ease via the information provided by the borrowers during registration.
  • Hospital will be able to know the frequency usage of the wheelchairs. They can take note of the period where the number of wheelchairs is most needed and thus control the number of wheelchairs available for borrowing accordingly.


  • SMS reminder
  • Contact tracing
  • Report analysis