Product Introduction:

eVisitor is the application in the eMobileCare suite that is designed for the hospital reception and security department.

It automates the visitors logging procedure for any building or premise, replacing the time-consuming and invariably messy manual log book system. It delivers accountability and fast contact tracing in the event of security issues and virus outbreaks such as SARS / H1N1.

Every visitor's arrival and departure are processed swiftly upon presentation of self-identification documents. The information is electronically captured and securely stored into the central database.

This system allows security and management to have an extensive overview of all visitors' current and past visits. In a controlled premise, an authorized list can be set in the system to authenticate visitors at the security checkpoint before granting access.

eVisitor is hardware vendor independent, with given manufacturer API, it can support any industrial standard access readers that use the following to ascertain personnel identity:

  • Barcodes
  • Magnetic Strips
  • Smart Cards
  • RFIDs
  • Biometric and Iris Recognition


  • Supports multiple stations - Ensures fast check-in/check-out of no more than 10 seconds.
  • Quick retrieval of real-time or past information during critical security situations.
  • Prevents multiple access utilizing the same visitor's ID, bans un-authorized visitors from entering premises.
  • Rapid system implementation and ease-of-use interface and icons that minimize the needs of user training and allows swift deployment of system.


  • Electronic access readers integration and network version
  • Secure and persistent centralized database storage
  • Statistical reports for trend analysis
  • Generation of chart reports
  • SMS notification capability
  • Reports can be easily exported to MS Excel, MS Word and PDF formats, for easy accessibility.