Product Introduction:

eTracking is the application in the eMobileCare suite that is designed for the Cardiology department.

It is a web-based system integrated with the use of RFID technology to capture each of the equipment used in the bypass surgery. It is designed to replace the manual recording of equipment through the use of hardcopies form with online forms that greatly improves the readability of information.

It is integrated with patient's information system such as SAP and payment system to auto-retrieve patient data and generate the payment invoice accordingly.

It allows the cardiology department to store all the records of the use of equipment in a central storage. The staffs that retrieved and used the equipment are recorded accordingly to ensure all these movements are monitored.



  • Management has direct access to real-time and past information from any location.
  • Ensures each of the equipment used for the bypass surgery for each patient are tracked and can be easily traced back when issue arises.
  • Allows the sharing of patient's information with application such as SAP to reduce needs of re-entering.
  • Allows the sharing of the list of equipment used for that particular patient's bypass surgery.
  • Replaces manual paper system, allowing the company to go eco-friendly. Each removal of equipment for bypass surgery is tracked. It allows any problem or situation that may arise to be pinpointed and dealt with accurately


  • Web-based solution
  • Patient's Information System integration
  • Payment System integration
  • Online submission of equipment form
  • Report Customization