Product Introduction:

ePorter is the application in the eMobileCare suite that is designed for the portering department.

It replaces the manual process that required hardcopy requests and faxes which used up a lot of resources like papers and toners. With ePorter, nursing staffs can submit portering services requests online via the web-based interface. The controller at the central portering office receives the softcopy request through the system and assigns a porter to the task, through standard wireless platforms such as WiFi or GPRS. Each porter who is equipped with PDA/ smart phone will receive the request on-the-go and view the details of every request that are assigned regardless of his/her location within the premises.

Every state of the each request are tracked from the time it is submitted till the instant it is completed. It enables a 2-way communication for all the people involved as both the central portering office and nursing staffs will have real-time updates of the state of request.



  • Improves porters’ efficiency by 60%
  • Allows sharing of patient's information with application such as SAP to reduce needs of re-entering.
  • Reduces phone calls.
  • Replaces manual paper system
  • SMS notification alerts supervisor of unattended and unfinished tasks after a specific time period.
  • Allows controller to assign tasks, and porters to update job status (Received/In Transit/Commenced/Completed) in real-time.
  • Quick overview of every porter and job
  • With every portering request being tracked from the moment it is sent and received till completion, any problem or situation that may arise can be pinpointed and dealt with accurately.
  • Management has access to varying productivity and efficiency (KPIs) report formats and summaries
  • Improves accountability and traceability


  • Patient's Information System integration
  • Job assignment and updates via GPRS/WiFi
  • Online submission of requests
  • Escalation process
  • Two-way communication
  • Reports customization