eMedical Record Sheet (eMRS)

Product Introduction:

eMRS is the application in the eMobileCare suite that is designed for the emergency department.

It is designed to firstly, auto-retrieve patient data through the integration with patients information system such as SAP. Secondly, it allows the seamless retrieval of patient medical imaging documents such as X-rays through the integration with imaging system. Thirdly, it links with our ePortering system to request for portering service to transfer patient to the wards. Lastly, it captures all the information of the emergency cases that requires the transfer to wards via the web-based interface used by emergency doctors and nurses.

It provides the emergency department a central storage to store all the important information such as the diagnosis and inspection carried out by the doctor and the nurses before transferring the patients to the wards. Through eMRS, all the information starting from which doctor or nurses who has served the patient and the diagnosis can be retrieved instantaneously from eMRS.

With its integration with various other systems, efficiency and accountability are greatly enhanced as re-entering of patient’s information is not required and portering service which is the next workflow in line can be triggered with a click of a button.



  • Management has direct access to real-time and past information from any location.
  • Allows the sharing of patient's information with application such as SAP to reduce needs of re-entering.
  • Allows the ease of calling for the portering system without having to re-key into the ePorter system.
  • Allows the seamless retrieving of medical imaging documents such as X-ray from the imaging system.
  • Online submission of emergency transfer form - Replaces manual paper system.
  • Enhances communication among doctors and nurses as it enables them to know which patients that the doctors had completed the diagnosis and are ready for the nurses to go through the checklist procedures.
  • Every patient transfer details such as which doctor diagnosed the patient and the diagnosis details are tracked. It allows any problem or situation that may arise to be pinpointed and dealt with accurately.


  • Web-based Solution
  • Patient's Information System integration
  • ePorter System integration
  • Imaging System integration