eMeal Ordering System (eMOS)

Product Introduction:

eMOS is the application in the eMobileCare suite that is designed for the food service department.
It is designed to auto-retrieve patient data through the integration with patient's information system such as SAP and for hospitals to capture patient's daily three meal orders submitted either via the web-based interface used by nursing staffs or the PDA / smart phone program used by food service attendants.

All meal ordering will be generated into clearly indicated Meal Cards for precise food preparation, food packing and delivery. Through eMOS, consolidated orders information can be summarized and generated into tabulated reports for management analysis in few seconds compared to manual calculation using papers. It also captures the specific diet prescription for each patient and is indicated clearly to the kitchen so that the kitchen staffs can be alerted to take special care in preparing these patient's specific meals.



  • Allows the sharing of patient's information with application such as SAP to reduce needs of re-entering.
  • Replaces manual paper system
  • Real-time patient summary for both nursing staffs and kitchen to view the diet summary and meal orders for patients.
  • Allows controller to approve/reject last minute meal orders and nursing staffs to get real-time feedback via system without the use of phone calls.
  • Improves accountability - Every meal order details such as nursing staffs who ordered, the diet summary, and timestamp of meal order request and changes are tracked. It allows any problem or situation that may arise to be pinpointed and dealt with accurately.
  • Improves accuracy - Every patient's therapeutic; food exclusion and special requests are captured and indicated in the meal card for the kitchen to take note.


  • Patient's Information System integration
  • Online submission of meal orders
  • Two-way communication
  • Customized Meal Card
  • Automatic meal generation
  • Birthday List Alert
  • Patient’s Self ordering