eLaundry RFID

Product introduction:

eLaundry is the application in the eMobileCare suite that is designed for the Linen Supply department and their launderer.

It replaces the manual process of tracking the items that are sent for laundry services. With eLaundry, each item movements can be traced and its actual location can be retrieved with a click. This system is packaged together with the RFID tag and readers for ease of use.

Before the laundry service vendor sends the clean linens or curtains to Linen Supply department, delivery status is updated accordingly, likewise for the other stages in the workflow. All updates of the laundry items are carried out with the use of RFID readers that capture the unique RFID number automatically into the system upon scanning, instead of manual recording which is prone to human errors.

This system also comprises of quite a number of reports that enables the management to analyse the laundry service provided. For example: through the rewash report, management can get the overview of the number of curtains or linen that is rejected and sent for rewash.



  • Patient Safety – Laundry for normal wards and infected wards such as MRSA can be segregated easily and managed accordingly.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity of operation – through automation of repetitive manual process and removal of redundant workflow.
  • Increases accountability – through comprehensive reports that state clearly each movement of laundry item and its washing frequency.
  • Reduces human error - Reduces the chances of error that often happen in manual hand-written logs and keying into Microsoft Excel with the hardcopies as reference.
  • Reduces issue tracking time – With the use of report and search function, curtain movement can be traced with a click.
  • Portable handheld PDA which replace sheets of paper used for recording.


  • Web-based Solution
  • Stage monitoring and tracing
  • Status updates via scanning of RFID
  • Report Customization
  • Online voucher creation
  • Inventory Stock take
  • Schedule planning and reminder