Product introduction:

eInspection is the application in the eMobileCare suite that is designed for the quality control department.

It is a comprehensive quality control system that employs wireless technology and the latest advances in IT, to assist users in the supervision and review of cleanliness levels of the premises under their responsibility.

With the system installed into their PDAs/smart phones and an exhaustive item checklist, pre-configured with cleanliness policies and standards set by the organization, housekeeping staff are able to perform their duties and ensure all areas are maintained at their optimum levels, whilst quality assurance personnel are well equipped to enforce credible cleanliness surveys.

Comprising of four primary modules, namely:

  • Daily Inspection;
  • Joint Inspection;
  • Periodic Scheduling;
  • Fault Reporting.

Collation of data stored can be used to generate reports that will allow users to track trends, recognize well-maintained sections, pinpoint areas of concern, and identify the specific source of dissatisfaction or non-conformance to the cleanliness standards.

Subsequently, rightful corrective actions can be assigned using the system, with the progress monitored closely until a proper and conclusive resolution is achieved.

Management can also pre-empt potential problems that may arise, and enforce preventive measures.

Installed in Singapore's National University Hospital since 2005, this management system has received glowing reviews from hospital staff and has immensely assisted the hospital's housekeeping department in tracking and safeguarding the top notch cleanliness standards associated with a distinguished healthcare organization.



  • Detailed assessment, increase in efficiency and thorough control, replace cumbersome paper checks system.
  • KPIs for cleaning services staff, anticipation of problem areas and early intervention and rectification.
  • Maintains high-level of cleanliness and service.


  • Wide-ranging checklist components of every area/section
  • Reports customization
  • Daily Inspection
  • Joint Inspection
  • Periodic Scheduling
  • Fault Reporting
  • SMS notification