Product Introduction:

Customer satisfaction is one of the main indicators to differentiate an enterprise’s competitiveness. This is especially vital for the service intensive medical industry.

This system allows companies to capture customer feedback in a proactive method and it helps in playing a part for eco-friendliness as no paper is used while gathering the feedbacks. With this system in place, both companies and customer can benefit. Customer will be served with prompt and quality service while companies can be recognized for proactive and excellent service.

eFeedback is a system specially designed to complement the rapid advancements in mobile devices and to meet the rising demands from both enterprises and medical institutions who aim to improve their service quality and efficiency.

This solution can be deployed using 2 methods: mounted tablet and scanning of QR code. Both methods enable the capturing of satisfaction rating from customers and perform immediate corrective actions whenever a dissatisfaction rating is raised. With the implementation of this automated tracking and management system, companies and medical institutions can greatly improve their service standard.



  • Captures of customer dissatisfaction instantly to perform corrective actions that helps in reducing the number of complaints.
  • Systematic tracking and analysis to help businesses manage customer satisfaction.
  • Enables tracking of staffs’ performance via the instant customer feedback and awarding staffs of excellent rating, to motivate staffs in enhancing their job performance.
  • With the aid of mobile application, enterprise can reduce cost of investment.
  • Scalable design: with the same system, it can be used in all industries regardless of factors such as environment, nature of business.


  • User friendly graphical-based customer satisfaction survey
  • Real-time service standard monitoring
  • Immediate dissatisfaction feedback escalation
  • Configurable system variables that enable users to have more control of the system
  • Reports customization