Product Introduction:

The relationship between medical equipment, patient safety and the operating of medical equipment by staffs is closely linked. With proper managing of medical records through good bookkeeping and performing of preventive scheduled maintenance, this keeps the equipment in constant good working condition, helping to ensure safety of both patients and healthcare assistants.

Medical equipment is a valuable asset to all hospitals, it plays a vital role in the hospital operations, thus it is important to invest in a system that can efficiently manage all these resources.

eBME is specially designed in response to the rising demands for medical equipment management system. Its modular design aims at assisting hospital in a complete monitoring of all the following stages and conditions of medical equipment:

  • Issuing
  • Maintenance
  • Repairing
  • Abnormalities analyses
  • Spare parts and staff schedule management

It enables management to generate reports for any analyses required as it timestamps each movement and maintenance of medical equipment.



  • Assists hospital in improving the maintenance quality and enhancing the safety of both patients and medical staffs.
  • Enables a complete e-recording of all medical equipment information that fulfils accreditation standard.
  • Both preventive maintenance and ad-hoc servicing records are captured in the system immediately without the manual form. It helps in eco-friendliness.
  • Equipment’s abnormalities analysis helps hospital in managing resources and serves as a guide in future procurement.
  • Improves communication between all parties as every user is on the same platform.
  • Scalable modular design to match the specific needs of each hospital.
  • Convenient and eliminates the need for hardware.


  • Customizable equipment inspection checklist
  • Maintenance Scheduler and reminder
  • Individual and batch equipment import function
  • Integration to Procurement system
  • Fast equipment’s information retrieval by scanning of equipment barcode/RFID tag.
  • Reports customization