eBed Turnaround System (eBTS)

Product Introduction:

eBTS is the application in the eMobileCare suite that is designed for the housekeeping department. It is one of our most popular and highly sought-after products that had won several awards such as the "TEC Public Service Innovation Award" awarded by the Prime Minister's Office in year 2006.

This revolutionary system enables hospitals to reduce bed turnover time and maximize resources. It can be integrated with the hospitals' patient information system such as SAP using the HL7 protocol. It is particularly useful for both nursing staffs and housekeepers.

Through the use of wireless technology or GPRS, housekeepers can be notified instantaneously via PDA or smart phone, of the beds that require cleaning upon the SAP discharge or nurses' activation for special request.

Housekeeper updates the state of cleaning when cleaning commences and completes. Both bed management unit (BMU) and nurses get the real-time status of each bed in the ward and allocates a new patient to the bed upon seeing the completed state of bed.

This robust system is designed with a graphical-based and user-friendly interface to allow even elderly users to use with ease. It keeps track of housekeepers' performance and helps in identification of areas for improvement.



  • Allows the sharing of patient's information with application such as SAP to reduce needs of re-entering.
  • Escalation process alerts supervisor of unattended requests after a specific time period.
  • Provides ease-of-use and convenient viewing for users of all ages.
  • Urgent and unique cleaning requests can be submitted.
  • Problems discovered by housekeepers can be flagged and recorded, allowing for appropriate follow-up actions.
  • Improves communication and helps to reduce bed turnover time by up to 70%.
  • Identification of areas for improvement, performances and efficiency, and accountability for nurses and housekeepers.


  • Patient's Information System Integration
  • SMS notification
  • Graphical ward layout customization & user-friendly interface and icons
  • Prioritization and special cleaning requests
  • Problem bed notification
  • Reports customization